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Rock Climbing

It is very important that you diligently research each climb before
undertaking them, and that you are properly skilled in climbing with the full confidence in your wide
array of gear. Never go climbing alone. Sport Climbing is bolted
face climbing where bolts were placed on lead with hand drills. Traditional Climbing
 is when a climber places gear required to prevent themselves from falling, and
removes it when a passage is complete.

Take A Class! – Indoor / Outdoor

Split Rock & Shadow Boulder & TickTock – Truckee

Split Rock is the photo at the top of the page, is solid granite and a very scale able formation with lines ranging from beginner to intermediate. It can be access in Donner State park by taking the Donner Pass exit and going straight between the two gas stations. Once you get to the end of the road, park before it turns to a dirt road and walk straight into the park and continue forward about 5-10 minutes. Shadow Boulder and Tick Tock are within walking distance.

Snowshed Wall – Donner Summit

With mostly Traditional Climbs on the front facing the road, and Sport Climbs along the right, you can hike around either side to top rope up at about 80ft. As you drive up the Summit, you will see a parking spot and the rock on the left, just before the famous lookout point.

Black Wall – Donner Summit

As you driving up the summit from Donner Lake, Black Wall is the first rock formation on the right sitting high above the road. There is a small parking pull off area. For climbs on the left side, follow a small trail that begins up a little from the parking area. Approach is about 10-15 minutes. Most routes are 3-4 pitches in length to a height of 400-600ft. Most routes are trad requiring a good solid standard rack but there are some sport routes.
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