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How To Light A Gas Fireplace

First, look inside the fireplace. Do you see a small flame (Pilot Light)?

If yes, do not touch the fireplace controls, and simply use the Thermostat or Remote to turn on/off the fireplace.



1) No small flame inside? Make sure the gas line is open. The RED knob on the gas line should align with the gas line, as shown in video.

2) Turn the black dial (On/Pilot/Off) over to “Pilot”. Align the word “Pilot” with the White Line Indicator (Left or Below).

3) Compress the button to give it gas, hold it for 10 seconds, then strike the Red or Black “Ignitor” until you see a flame inside the fireplace.

4) Continue to hold the Pilot button in after you see a flame, for about 15 seconds.

5) Turn the dial over to “ON”, without completely letting go of that button.

6) Once it’s set over to “ON”, you have let go and you see the Pilot Light, you may close the controls and use the Thermostat or Remote!



If you let it go completely before turning over to “ON”, the Pilot Light will go out. Start back at Step 2, turning the knob over to “Pilot”

You Do Not Need To Shut The Gas Line When Turning The Fireplace Off During Your Stay, Or At Departure.

No Gas Will Come Out, Even If The Pilot Light Goes Out.


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